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If you're a homeowner who is tired of your high electric bill, then we should talk!

Hi, my name is Ivan Lu, and I help homeowners decide whether going solar is right for them. And, if going solar does make sense, I will explain how it works and what's required, so they can start saving money every month on their electric bill. If you're wondering how much a solar system costs in Chino, CA, or Eastvale, CA I can help you.

If solar doesn't make sense for their home, we'll shake hands, and I will ride off into the sunset. So, what do you say?

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Why Solar?

Lower Your Electric Bill, Slow Rising Energy Costs
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Lower Your
Electric Bill

Predictable monthly electric cost

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Say Goodbye to
Rising Energy Costs

Rate hike protection

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24/7 Monitoring
& Maintenance

Free system monitoring and maintenance

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Clean, Renewable

Up to 100% of your electricity comes from the sun

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7-Steps to Going Solar

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Getting a home solar system in Chino, CA, or Eastvale, CA, typically includes a consultation, site survey, design review, permitting, installation, city inspection, and system activation.

The process starts by designing a custom system for your home, assessing the roof and the home's feasibility for solar installation, reviewing and approving the final design, obtaining necessary permits, scheduling the installation, city inspection, and finally activating the system with the help of your local electric utility.

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Reduce Rising Energy Costs for $0 Dollars Out of Pocket

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Purchase Your System Outright, or Get It for $0 Dollars With a

Power Purchase Agreement?

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$0 Cost Installation

No-cost installation with $0 dollars out of pocket, that's right, zero, zip, zilch

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Performance Guarantee

We guarantee the efficient operation of your system, or we'll fix it

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24/7 Monitoring

Our team monitors your system 24/7
to assure optimum performance

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System Maintenance

Your system includes
maintenance for up to 25-years

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Live Customer Service

Speak to a live agent anytime, day or night, how cool is that?

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25-Year Warranty

Worry-free, 25-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty is included with your system

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I grew up in Walnut, CA, played varsity baseball at Diamond Bar High School, and then went to college at Cal State Fullerton, where I earned a bachelor's Degree in entrepreneurship. I live in the community and my passion is helping homeowners in the San Gabriel Valley save money on their electric bills. If you're looking for a home solar system in Chino, CA, or Eastvale, CA, or you want you know more about the solar system cost in Chino, CA, it would be an honor to help you!

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